Outdoor Flags for Retail Foot Traffic

5 Ways Outdoor Flags Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

Outdoor Flags and Banners Can Increase Foot Traffic to Your Retail Store

Did you know that for every dollar you spend on out-of-home advertising it generates $5.97 in sales?

Outdoor marketing is a potent part of your overall marketing mix. Many customers tend to make impulse purchases. Additionally, as many as 85% of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your store.

Even if they only see your banner once per day, then that’s a total of 30 times a month. With strategically placed banners and flags, you can direct that customer spending to your store.

Read along to find out why outdoor banners and flags are the best options for you to increase your foot traffic.

1. Round-The-Clock Advertising

When you design and place a flag or banner outside your store, it flaps in the wind all day and night. This means you get to sell your business no matter the time of day, which contributes to boosting your customer traffic consistently.

Once you put up banners and flags, you do not need to bring them down after the event.

Flags and banners have an advantage over digital advertising as they do not lose their validity after a few hours. Once you place a digital ad, it will run for a period before you will need to change it. The digital space demands fresh content.

A flag or banner can say up for as long as the material can withstand the weather without becoming irrelevant.

2. Cost Effective

Billboards, the most conspicuous outdoor advertising tool, are a rather expensive affair for a business.

On the other end of the spectrum, yard signs are cheaper than outdoor banners and flags. However, they offer minimal real estate to promote your message.

Outdoor banners, on the other hand, are cheaper than billboards yet provide more space to communicate than yard signs.

Since banners and flags are cheaper to print but still offer premium space, you can make more of them per campaign to grow retail traffic.

3. Lightweight and Portable

Outdoor flags and banners are relatively lightweight when compared to other options like billboards or LED signs.

When you are going for an event, for example, you can simply roll up your banners and flags and bring them on-site with you.

Since they are easier to move, you can distribute them with minimal effort across the event space.

Once the event is over, you can roll them up again and take them back to your store where they will continue serving you. Billboards definitely can’t serve you in that way.

In the end, you will increase the store traffic as more people who saw your banners at the event walk in.

4. Design Versatility

With outdoor banners and flags, you have no obstacles when it comes to designing and printing them.

If you want small flags and banners, you can get the design and printing done at an affordable cost.

Should you want to go for a big outdoor banner, then you can still use large format printing to create the design at a better cost than if you were to print a billboard.

When it comes to developing the design for an outdoor flag or banner, the sky is the limit. You can use any color since the material doesn’t pose any problem.

One area in which outdoor banners and flag beat a billboard is that you can print them on both sides.

Depending on the location, event, and the message you want to pass along, this can help you reach more people.

5. Deployment Flexibility

Since outdoor flags and banners are lightweight, you can deploy them in unique ways that other forms of outdoor advertising would not match.

Besides the traditional method of hanging them on your store or standing them outside, you can fly them.

During special events, a large outdoor banner attached to a plane flying low enough for your message to be seen can be a huge draw.

You can end up causing quite a stir, positively, which will bump up the number of people coming into the store.

Tips to Design an Outdoor Banner or Flag That Will Increase Your Foot Traffic

An outdoor banner is only as effective as its design. Even if you place it in a strategic location where many people can see it, it is of little use if it can’t catch their eye. Here are some tips on how you can make your design pop.

Use a Bold and Readable Font

The size of the text in your banner or flag is essential since it determines if people can read it or not.

But you also need to balance the size of the font with the readability and weight of the design.

Fancy, overly complex fonts can be tempting and maybe on a postcard they can work. But on a banner or flag, you need to pass the message at a glance and from a distance.

Choose a font that isn’t heavy or distracting to the eyes to not lose the focus of your viewers

Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

The aim of any outdoor banner or flag is to grab the attention of those passing by.

Visual aids can communicate a lot of things to the human eye at a glace. It is for this reason that you need to use the highest quality graphics and images to make your banner is irresistible.

The more attention you can attract, the higher the return on your investment.

Remember Color Theory

According to the color theory, different hues evoke different emotions and perceptions in people.

For example, the color blue creates a feeling of trust, while red is associated with passion. Use the colors that will reinforce your store’s brand ethos so that you can attract the right kinds of customers.

Increase the Number of Customers Walking into Your Store

Outdoor advertising plays a significant part in boosting the foot traffic to your store. Outdoor banners and flags are versatile and offer many benefits over other forms of outdoor advertising.

It is our mission as Display Pros to help other businesses succeed. Contact us today to bring your company’s message to life in a unique way that will reach more customers.