7 of the Best Display Products for Your Golf Tournament

In 2018, the PGA Tour brought in $190 million in charitable impact. Needless to say, golf is a sport where people are willing to come together and play for a good cause.

When your organization needs some funding, an excellent way to get it is through a fundraising golf tournament. Or, if you want some good exposure, you can also consider putting on a charity golf tournament.

Whatever it is you hope to achieve, you have to take the right steps to ensure the event goes smoothly. Here are 7 of the best display products for your golf tournament.

Titleist Feather Flag for Golf Tournaments

1. Custom Flags

What’s a golf tournament without some custom flags? This is the perfect opportunity to not only promote your brand but to also promote your sponsors as well.

Long gone are the days where flags only come in the typical triangular shape. Nowadays, you can choose from a range of shapes, such as teardrop and feather.

By having a few of these custom flags on the golf course, you’ll add some splashes of color and interesting points to look at.

2. Custom Tents

Custom tents are an excellent way to draw attention to where the attendees need to be. Plus, it offers you a chance to brand these tents and keep your company top of mind.

For the tournament, you can have a few set up for different purposes. For instance, one can be for registration, another can be for spectators, and another can be for first aid.

3. Custom Roll up Banners

Custom roll up banners are a must for your golf tournament. These can be lightweight and portable, which means you can put them wherever you wish.

By using roll up banners, you can ensure things run according to plan. For example, you can have some made for registration, lunch banquet, winner ceremony, and more. Whatever events you’re having at the tournament, a custom roll up banner can improve the flow of traffic.

In addition to directing people to the appropriate places they need to be, custom roll up banners can also promote your brand. Have a few made with your brand logo and images to scatter about the premises, so you spread awareness about your company.

4. Hanging Banners

If there are any important places in your golf tournament that you want to direct traffic to, consider using hanging banners, in addition, to roll up banners. While roll up banners are handy for labeling different stations of an event, they can sometimes easily be missed, especially if there is a lot of foot traffic.

By using hanging banners to indicate things such as where the golfers need to be before the tournament starts, it’ll be hard for the crowd to miss. You can put them at any height above the people walking around, but a few meters above the ground on poles is the optimal way to utilize your hanging banners.

Custom Table Throws

5. Table Throws and Runners

If other events are going on at the golf course of your choosing, your guests may get confused as to where they’re supposed to be. Create branded table throws and runners, so anyone can see from a distance that it’s your particular golf tournament in that area. This can whittle down a lot of confusion.

If you want something you can reuse, then instead of the tournament name, you can create table throws with your company name on it. That way, you can not only use it to cover tables at your golf tournament, but also future events. This can make your business easily recognizable if you attend many events and have tables to set up in front of your booth.

6. Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great way to direct your guests through the golf course to your tournament. Since they aren’t permanent and don’t do damage to the grass, the golf course is probably more than happy to let you put some yard signs throughout the area.

Most golf courses can be large and hard to navigate, especially if your attendees have never been there before. Plus, they may mistake another event for yours, and they may not realize it until it’s too late.

Avoid this confusion and have a few yard signs made ahead of time. They don’t have to be too complicated; a large arrow and either your brand name or the tournament name will suffice.

7. Sandwich Board Signage

Sandwich board signage is also another great way to streamline your golf tournament without spending too much money. They’re also not permanent fixtures, which means you can move them around without too much trouble. Plus, they’re reusable, which means you get the most out of your money spent.

Let’s say the golf course has allocated a certain area of their parking lot for your tournament. You can put various sandwich boards in the parking lot to direct your guests to the appropriate parking spots.

You can also use sandwich board signs to communicate important information, such as when (and where) lunch is and where the awards ceremony will be held.

Once your tournament is over, simply collapse the boards and bring them home. You can then get other signs printed for them when you hold future events.

Get These Display Products for Your Golf Tournament

With these seven display products for your golf tournament, you can make it an event for everyone to remember. When your attendees are impressed with the effort you’ve put into this golf tournament, it’ll give them more motivation to participate in other events you put on in the future.

If you’re interested in working with a professional for your golf tournament’s display products, please get in touch with us today.