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Does your job require you to regularly present at conferences, trade shows or other events? Do you sometimes struggle to get visual displays ready for tight deadlines? Then you’re going to love what we have to offer at Display Pros! We offer state-of-the-art and easy-to-setup custom trade show booth kits with customizable options. You can easily add your corporate logo or any other visual design elements/artwork you have to our striking displays.
We offer booth kits for any size exhibit space! We have 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 foot options available. Display Pros booth kits are perfect for conferences, trade shows, marketing events, career days, sales exhibits, and much more! You’ll be blown away by our high-resolution graphics on our tension fabric displays!
That’s because we use an innovative dye sublimation printing process to guarantee your logos and artwork pop out and catch the eye. Since the color dyes are fused into the fabric rather than thinly applied to the surface, your display will not fade, peel, or crack! Instead, it will prove extremely durable and have a long lifespan. That means you can easily reuse the same display for multiple events.
The value doesn’t stop there, however. If at any time you require some new graphics for your kit, we can handle this for you at any time! This service is perfect if your company is marketing to a new industry or you’d like to change the product offering on your display.


The Display Pros trade show booth kits are lightweight and extremely easy to set up. Not only that, but they collapse into a convenient hard case that doubles as your podium. This case is great for air travel since it can be checked as luggage. Don’t worry about excessive shipping charges or setup fees for your company’s trade show. Simply pack your kit and bring it with you. Here are some of our booths most attractive features:

  • Lightweight tent-pole style frames set up in minutes
  • High-quality and fade-resistant tension graphic fabric zips on for a wrinkle-free finish
  • Customizable setup and graphics options
  • Dye sublimation process for eye-catching artwork and logo display
  • 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 foot exhibit sizes to choose from
  • Packs into a wheeled hard case that doubles as a podium
  • Airline friendly – check your hard case just like luggage
  • Extremely efficient and fast ordering, production, and shipping
  • Free custom graphic design services included with your purchase
  • Affordable pricing and incredible value
  • Convenient financing options
  • Lighting setup included
  • 15-minute setup time for 10×10, fast setup for other sizes as well
  • Double-sided printing available
  • Extremely durable and reusable
  • Reprinting and refurbishing services available at any time at a significant discount

As you can see, our trade show booth kits are chock-full of amazing features. Guests at your conference will fly by all the boring tables and displays without a second glance to get to your eye-catching, lighted, super professional-looking booth!


Our customers rave about our fantastic design services. Our trade show booth kits are a true testament to this. After all, where else can you find amazing looking booths with high-resolution graphics, lighting, and podiums that you can set up in 15-minutes? The fact that they break down into a convenient carrying case is the icing on the cake.
We know that customization is essential to you, which is why we make it a priority. That’s why we’ve made it easy to create a design order or provide your own artwork with our convenient downloadable templates.
Due to our state-of-the-art printing process, your graphics and artwork will display in beautiful high-resolution (1400 DPI). Our tension fabric will ensure that your display is entirely wrinkle-free. The overhead lighting makes sure that your booth display will catch the eye of everyone passing by. That means your display will be crystal clear, vibrant, colorful, and eye-grabbing!
Also, complimentary graphic design service is included with every booth purchase! That’s right, at no additional cost you get access to one of our expert graphic designers.
So, here’s the deal, you have only around 6-10 crucial seconds to attract someone’s attention at a trade show or conference. That means your display and graphics have to be on point. Nobody understands this more than our graphic designers! They’re trained to design artwork that catches your prospects attention. You don’t want to pass up on their expertise!

Graphic Refresh

So, let’s say you’re a proud owner of one of our trade show booths. You’ve used it for a ton of conferences, and thanks to the dye-sublimation, your graphics are still super sharp and free of cracks or fading. However, your company has rebranded its image. They now use a new logo and artwork. Oh no!
Not to worry, because we offer graphical refresh services to our trade booth owners at a serious discount. That means we can update your booth to include the new logos and graphics you need. This is a significant cost savings, as it’s far more affordable to rebrand an existing waveline display than buy an entirely new one! Remember, free graphic design services are bonuses you only get when using Display Pros. No other company comes close to matching our commitment to customer service.

Ordering and Shipping

So, you just found out you’re representing your company at a trade show that’s happening in only two weeks! “Yikes, thanks for the short notice, guys!” Are you out of luck? Not with Display Pros! Meeting tight deadlines is one of our specialties. (Please see our terms of service for info on turnarounds and additional details)
Our production manager will work with your timeline to provide the best options for you. We feature a user-friendly and streamlined ordering process that’s super simple. You can find the exact booth you’re looking for in no time.

Financing Options

Don’t have the funds available to purchase a trade booth but still urgently need one? That’s another non-issue at Display Pros! We use Klarna in our checkout, which lets you choose from flexible payment options. That means you can buy now and pay later or slice up your payments over time! This is truly a life-saver when unexpected events or conferences pop up out of nowhere!

Production Time

We also feature laser-fast production at Display Pros. Once you’ve sent your graphics and specifications, our engineers and designers go straight to work. They’ll have your booth completed and ready to ship in no time! You’ll also find speedy shipping options available. That means you can make your deadline with plenty of time to prepare!
In short, if you’re a professional that regularly uses displays at trade shows, you owe it to yourself to use our service. You won’t find our level of quality, service, or design anywhere else! Don’t wait to get your own Display Pros custom trade show booth today!


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