Types of Trade Show Display Booths

Types of Trade Show Display Booths

When it comes to advertising your products and services, making an audacious statement with trade show displays is one of the most important. You might have attended trade shows a few times per year and it might be time to buy your own booth. Trade show displays come with several advantages to product and services marketers or exhibitors.

Advantages of Trade Shows

  • A place to encounter new leads; trade show displays, in this case, a booth, can help you convey your message to a large number of competent interested people. The booth will allow and give you space to meet up with new customers and also partners. You can also market new products to a large populace around your exhibit.
  • Way to develop their corporate image; a booth gives the exhibitors a chance to advance their corporate and also provides the company with the ability to establish an excellent company name and brand identity.
  • A place to show as well as sell their products; a booth can market more clients to support your showcase.
  • Allows one to secure their advertising material; a booth will give you storage spaces for your products and services.
  • Makes the exhibitor stand out from their competitors; the first impression is always very important. A booth will assist you in focusing on your brand’s distinctiveness and provide a good impression for the attendees to think of when they go back home.

This is the reason as to why many exhibitors choose to buy or rent a booth that is skillfully designed and manufactured. There are lots of booth options out there ranging from compound two-story mini arenas to economical portable stands. However, the significant thing is to stick to one’s financial plan and try to find a reasonable and specialized solution. Various shows and conferences have different rules and regulations, for instance, permitting or discouraging the use of the flat surface of one or two tables, table shows. In this type of event, the booth is not necessarily needed.

Types of booths

There are a lot of aspects to consider when planning to exhibit at a conference or a trade show. One of the aspects is the type of trade show booth you will use. The best way to determine which one will serve you the best is by first understanding the different types of booths. You can buy a booth display at an exhibit display company. The company will then work on your design and graphics to come up with the booth of your choice.

Events where you won’t need trade show displays

While attending events such as the tabletop shows, trade show display booths are not necessary since all the exhibits are restricted to one or two tables. There are several other events where you probably won’t need a booth to market your product and services. These are:

  • Hospital events
  • Open houses and clients meetings
  • Local branches conferences of industry associations
  • Small local events

These type of events could benefit from a smaller display such as a retractable banner or display flag

There are four most common booth types in the market including the pop-up, tabletop, custom and modular.

Pop-up booth

The key to trade show events and conferences is portability. Pop-up or the portable booth is the mostly used booth. The booths are commonly used by small exhibitors in 10’ by 10’ space. The booth is usually made from lightweight metal frames and vinyl plates that are printed with the custom graphics. These custom graphic displays offer great ways of clutching the attention of the attendees. The booth is suitable for new exhibitors.

The booth can be assembled and disassembled without any stress. Pop-up booths can cost from $800 to $4000 depending on the style and size.


This booth is smaller than the pop-up booth, designed to sit on top of an average 6’ table for trade shows that don’t allow booths. The booth can accommodate two interpreters and is perfect for small and tight spaces. Table-top booths are also easy to fix since they can be assembled and disassembled. It is an elegant lightweight and doesn’t need any tools for assembling. This Booth is also suitable for new exhibitors.


In the trade show displays world, customization is a burning topic. Custom booths are tailored to meet the needs of big manufacturers and it’s not the idea booth for new exhibitors. For manufacturers, the custom booths help to get attention, be unique and meet their trade show goals. The only limits to this booth are thoughts and your financial plan. The booth is normally built around a core mostly referred to as an island, with various outlying stations. It can have multiple stories with conference rooms and theaters; however, this will depend on what you want it to have. You can get this booth from as low as $20,000.


The modular trade show displays are gaining purchase in the current event exhibit world. It is not ideal for new exhibitors unless there are big trades show budget and you what to rent a space larger than 10’ by 10’. Some of the benefits of using this type of booth are its flexibility and adaptability afforded by the lightweight and easy to assemble components.

The middle display forms the fundamental of the large exhibit that runs on the frame and panel principals but spreads out in diverse directions with numerous stations for visitors and booth staffers. Some of the modular booth designs can incorporate shelving, fabric, and workstations. This booth typically costs $2,000 to $15,000.

Apart from these four, there are other several trade show displays that you can choose from. The tabletop booth type typically means a small pop-up exhibit that sits on top of a table. Tabletop shows are much different as they mean that the exhibitors are restricted to using the table itself without putting another display on top.